Did YOU Receive a 7 of Hearts? See the journey and share your story!

Share your story of how you received or how you plan to give the card.

Track your card – see the impact it’s already made.

Whether small or large, stranger or friend, YOU made a difference in someone’s life today. Thank you for making an impact and not being “Just A . . . ”

So You Have a7Now what? We suggest:

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    Watch Nathan’s 7 of Hearts Story to hear where this all started.


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    Like <7 of Hearts on Facebook>

    and let us know where or how you got your card. We will get one around the world, please help us with this mission!

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    Pass the card you were given to somebody else within 7 days.

    Someone who could have simply met an expectation, but instead, made a difference by caring for others or for their work.

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    Get a deck of 7 of Hearts Cards to pass out to others or to your own office team.

Tell us how you got yours.