Never JUST anything!
#NotJUSTa #7ofHearts

The Mission

The mission of this book is simple. Yes, I want it to rekindle your passion for your self-worth, your impact and your amazing life.

The other mission is to share with Nathan’s family the impact their child is having on this world. I speak to all kinds of audiences around the globe about creating high performing teams, delivering customer experience rather than meeting expectations and creating Simple Moments of Significance at work and in our lives. When I share Nathan’s story, the reaction is powerful. People begin to understand and appreciate the moments we are gifted everyday.

Now Pay it Forward!

If you have a copy of the printed book, you received a 7 of Hearts card. (Or you can get some).

Now . . . GIVE it to someone and surprise them in a simple way. Give it to someone in a restaurant, airport, school, or to someone who probably hasn’t been thanked or recognized for making a difference. Let them know they made a simple moment significant. You don’t have to tell them about Nathan, simply give them the card and smile. The card will share the story with them.

I love handing out a 7 of Hearts while traveling. A flight attendant or gate agent will have a confused look when I hand them a card and thank them for what they do. As they read the back of the card, a wonderful smile replaces the confusion on their face.

I also love to read and share the stories that people post on the website as these cards move from hand to hand. Maybe that’s why you are here now.

If you DON’T have a card? Then you can:

My goal? I hope that somehow, someway . . . someone in Nathan’s family is handed a card one day and they end up on this website. I want them to know the significant impact that their precious child continues to have in this amazing world.

Thank you for your help.