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#62295 Holly

June 20, 2017

Where: Rockville / MD / USA

How: Rhonda

Story: My friend Rhonda gave me this card. She says it is in appreciation for the volunteer work I do. I intend to pass it on to one of the other volunteers at our local food pantry.

#58263 Jackie and Teri

June 19, 2017

Where: We are HR professionals from Beaverton, Oregon attending the 2017 SHRM Conference in New Orleans. After hearing the story behind the 7 of Hearts we were inspired to watch for greatness. It did not take long to be inspired.

How: We gave the 7 of Hearts to Ike.

Story: We went to dinner at the red Fish Grill on Bourbon Street. During our meal we observed a waiter named Ike. It inspired us as he served other people. His energy and enthusiasm showed through in every task he performed. His smile was infectious . He is the epitome of what good customer service looks like. He definitely has a servants heart and puts others above himself. We had our picture taken with him and even though he was not our waiter, we gave him a tip. We will not forget Ike. He made a difference in our lives today. Thank you Ike!

#60876 Elyse

June 18, 2017

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana

How: I received this card at the 2017 SHRM conference after listening to wonderful keynote speaker, Jon Petz share his story.

Story: At the end of this past year I found myself lost for awhile in what I wanted to do with my life. Didn't feel like I had much of a purpose when it came to my profession. After being discouraged from my first job out of school (which was what I went to college for) I was given an opportunity to join the HR team of a human services organization under the supervision of one of the most inspiring HR professionals I know. Throughout my time with this agency I am finding my groove in HR and feel that I have discovered my purpose. I owe all my current and future success to the person who gave me the chance to be apart of their HR team and to find my purpose. And so, I pass this card onto them.

#58950 John

June 15, 2017

Where: McLean, VA - USA

How: John Petz

Story: John Petz was the Keynote speaker at the 2017 Nexus Conference. He told us the story of Nathan and I gave us all cards to pass around. This was one of them.

#58949 John

Where: McLean, VA - USA

How: John Petz

Story: I'm currently attending the Nexus User Conference in McLean, VA and John was the Keynote speaker. He shared the story about Nathan and gave us cards.

#57567 Caryn

June 14, 2017

Where: My card came to me in Mississauga, Ontario, when I was attending a Complete Purchasing event where I experienced Jon Petz.

How: I was given the card by Jon Petz. I will pass it along to someone who makes a significant impact in my day.


#26699 Sarah

June 8, 2017

Where: Devils Lake, ND, USA


Story: I received this card from my supervisor along with a really nice thank you note! It made my day!!

#70306 Elizabeth

June 5, 2017

Where: Gorham, ME, USA

How: Maine Youth Leadership I will give it to a volunteer in my Key Club who is devoted to service and those around them.

Story: I attended the Maine Youth Leadership Seminar and learned about the story of the 7 of Hearts after doing service at a nursing home. I have always volunteered, but the story reinforced my reason for serving others.

#59789 Peggy

Where: Waterboro , Maine

How: A student from Massabesic High School , I will pass it on to another lunch lady at the school

Story: A student , a very nice young man in my lunch line gave it to me made my day

#33558 Makala

Where: Gorham/Maine/USA

How: Maine Youth Leadership (MYL) I am giving it to a friend who always makes me smile when I am feeling down.


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