Never JUST anything!
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“The Journey of Cards Traveling in The World”

15 Apr
  • locationBuffalo, NY
  • How?John Petz

#4306 Donna

09 Apr
  • locationChattanooga, TN
  • How?I was lucky enough to hear Jon speak and tell...

#42440 Laurie

I held onto this card waiting for the perfect moment to pass it on. I often found myself thinking later, “that was the right moment.” On my birthday, my parents and I went to enjoy lunch together. Our waitress was beyond enthusiastic and such a joy to be around, I knew it was the perfect moment to pass along my card. It was a day of celebrating and she deserved to be celebrated!

08 Apr
  • locationCincinnati, Ohio
  • How?My sister gave me this card. I had been struggling...

#66194 Anne

05 Apr
  • locationAthens, Ohio. USA
  • How?My Best Friend

#11900 Derek

In 2016, my best friend gave me this card with the intention that I would write my story and the card would begin it’s journey (Little did she know, I was in love with her and hung on to the card figuring it could serve as a reminder as we parted ways in the coming months). Life happened and we grew distant only so we could be drawn back together, and I am about to give the card back to her on our one year anniversary. I love this girl with all of my heart and look forward to spending the rest of my life with her. She is funny, kind, and more than I could ever ask for. Every single moment with her is significant to me. Here’s to the journey from here....

01 Apr
  • locationCharlotte north carolina
  • How?A homeless man

#7777 Courtney

27 Mar
  • locationFort Collins, CO, USA
  • How?Someone in our tip jar

#65838 Pulcinella Pizzeria

Someone left a card in our tip jar. The manager pulled it out and we looked this up

26 Mar
  • locationBoston, MA USA
  • How?Colby Colarossi

#36990 Alex Luvisi

Lucky to be here

22 Mar
  • locationI received it at work First American Home Warranty.
  • How?I got it from a co-worker. I will give it...

#38529 Victoria

Not to get too personal but I identify with the phrase I am Just, and today i will flip that phrase to I am.

20 Mar
  • locationorange county
  • How?

#16758 dustin

17 Mar
  • locationChatanooga, Tn
  • How?I received this card at a business retreat where Jon...

#65821 Dawn

I don't have a story yet....or rather I don't have an ending. My mom is in a memory care unit. Her journey is nearing an end. My guess is that I may set my card on its journey here. However, I don't know yet. Whoever gets this card next will be a wonderful person worthy of the honor of intersecting the road Nathan travelled.