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“The Journey of Cards Traveling in The World”

04 Jun
  • locationGorham / Maine / United States
  • How?Maine Youth Leadership gave it to me

#59045 Helen

I spent three and a half days at a program called Maine Youth Leadership (MYL) in Gorham, Maine. It has been one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. MYL gave me the courage and resources to become a leader. I have found a second family in MYL, one that I hope to always keep in my heart.

04 Jun
  • locationI received this card at the end of the 2018 MYL at the University of Souther Maine
  • How?

#62497 lilly

04 Jun
  • locationI received from the USA, Portland, Maine.
  • How?

#62461 Marwo sougue

03 Jun
  • locationGorham, Maine, USA
  • How?I will give it to a stranger

#62433 Keely

30 May
  • locationSpartanburg, SC USA
  • How?This was given to me anonymously, but I have a...

#29407 Debbie

Two of the people I love most in my life are ill; one in a nursing home and the other lives at home with me. Sometimes I get so tired of doing the same job over and over. But stop myself from wallowing in pity when I realize how empty my life would be without these precious loved ones. I have so many good people supporting me emotionally and one of these is a BFF named Beverly, whom I love. Beverly has stood by me when no one else would and loved me as a friend. Beverly is my guardian angel on earth.

29 May
  • locationMontreal Quebec Canada
  • How?Received it at the milliCare Exchange. Plan to give it...

#29407 Lisa

People underestimate the power of a smile, hug or kind gesture especially in the work place where we spend most of our time. There is a lady who works with me named Debbie who keeps our department together. There are days that I grumble and frankly days that I am not fun to be around. When I get down or need to be checked I always go and talk with Debbie. Debbie is the nicest person I know. It does not matter what you are going through she always knows what to say to lift your spirits. I hope she knows the wonderful impact she has on me and our entire division.

28 May
  • locationLos Angeles, California
  • How?Jon Petz

#55710 Jonny Pasvolsky

Jon Petz, came to my school in Australia when we were teenagers. We shared the stage in school musicals and I once helped film one of his magic tricks in the basement of a friends house in Sydney. We both ran track, well he was a good runner, I was a high jumper.... I think that was 1989. A few months ago Jon and I caught up for a very quick moment in LA where I am living now. I was so impressed by what he had achieved and his generosity of spirit. The best part was it was as if not a moment had gone by since we saw each other yet it had been almost 30 years. We reminisced about old friends and songs and sport and reconnected for just a moment that reminded me of where I come from in the simplest of ways. It was at a time I needed to remember this more than he could ever know. Thanks Jon. 7 of hearts to you my friend.

22 May
  • locationCortland, NE United States
  • How?Friend

#38009 Emma

16 May
  • locationNeenah Wi USA
  • How?Peggy L. shared it with me.

#10411 Shawn

I'm eager to see what comes out of this actually. My friend and coworker shared this with me. I've been struggling at work and she knew that. What a thoughtful thing to do. I'm taking work way too serious and this book puts that into perspective. I hope I can find my purpose like you did.

09 May
  • locationMadison, Wisconsin, USA
  • How?Jon Petz

#23095 Jody

Jon gave a great speech at WIBADD! His book was included in the gift bag. I hope to start this card on a great journey.