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#54457 Cameron

November 24, 2017

Where: Indianapolis / Indiana / United States

How: The National FFA Convention

Story: I was in Indianapolis all the way from Arizona for the National FFA Convention. It was there that I heard the story for the 7 of hearts. It truly touched me, and inspired me to do more. I'm currently working hard at school, and am the happiest I've ever been. I opened my phone case, and remembered the card. That's what's led me to posting this. I don't know who I'll give it to, or if I ever will give it to someone, but this simple card repeatedly reminds me of one of the happiest weeks of my life. So, I hope one day someone reads the story of this card and understands that whoever I gave it to, whoever it ends up with, may have given me a better memory than everything I experienced in that week.

#66190 Gwen

November 21, 2017

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana at National Convention.

How: I will be giving it to a good friend who has impacted me to always be myself and to find my thing that makes me happy.


#48187 Kaitlyn

November 20, 2017

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

How: I received my card after a general session at the National FFA Convention in Indiana after having the amazing opportunity to sit on the floor with delegates from across the US

Story: I am born and raised in New England. I fell in love with horses at a young age. I've continued to ride and recently enrolled in an Agricultural Education program. I ran for FFA office with encouragement from my Advisor. It was the best decision I've ever made. Competing in Horse Judging, going to workshops, conferences and COnventions is what I have found to truly love. I do what I love and Love what I do.

##47443 Deanna

November 15, 2017

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

How: I received the card at National FFA Convention


#67797 Lyllian

November 11, 2017

Where: Somerset, Kentucky, U.S.A

How: Jon


#67769 Charlie

November 10, 2017

Where: Somerset Kentucky United States

How: Jon

Story: With the power Jon gave me through his moving words, I have made the choice to go out and aware my happiness with others. I will no longer be afraid of a preconceived idea that I cannot do it.

#47564 Zeb

November 8, 2017

Where: It was given to me when I went to a show that jon performed at the 2017 National FFA Convention

How: I am going to give it to someone who personally makes an impact


#49572 Ty

November 7, 2017

Where: Corona, NM USA

How: Ag teacher Mr Johnson


#60650 Trace

Where: Indianapolis, Indian, USA. At national FFA convention

How: Jon Petz gave it to me at national FFA convention right after he talked at the session. I am in the National FFA band and was on stage to receive one from Jon himself.

Story: I am a junior in high school. I got accepted to the National FFA band after two years of trying. FFA and agriculture are my life. I and a Missouri farm boy.

##52276 Sierra

November 5, 2017

Where: Indianapolis/Indiana


Story: I received this card at the 90th National FFA Convention. When he started to to tell the story about Nathan I said to my self this is not going to be good and it wasn’t after I herd that Nathan died 8 hrs after it touched my heart and many others around and I was realizing that how fast stuff like that can happen and it was very heart touching to me. But even tho that was sad I hope everyone that was there had a really good time and experience.

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