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#46633 Keri

October 28, 2017

Where: I am a cashier at a pilot travel center in Williamsburg Ky USA.

How: A customer gave me the card.


#52289 Thomas

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana

How: I was at the 7th general session of the National FFA convention. Where Jon Petz was our keynote speaker and gave out the cards

Story: I come from a small town where everyone knows everyone. I believe that if you do something good for someone that one day that will be returned. I hope to help Jon find the family o Nathan.

#48331 Carolyn & Emma

October 27, 2017

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

How: We picked this card up off the ground. We are leaving Indy tomorrow morning, and we will give the card to the cashier of wherever we stop for lunch.

Story: Emma was born in California, Palm Springs, in 130 degree heat. After two years her parents divorce, and emma did not even know her fathers name. Her mother on the other hand was already looking for someone else to love. Tough times, but as emma grew older she grew more quiet. Once she was five, emma's world came crumbling down. Her mother and step father started to fight. Her parents started to drink, and soon it became a problem. Her step father become an alcoholic. Emma saw how much pain, and agony this brought to her family. She wanted everything to stop and go away, but no matter how much she tried, it just came crashing back. Maybe if she killed herself, she might be noticed. Then the thought hit her. "Mom I'm going to kill myself." Emma came marching into her mothers room. As soon as this words left emma's mouth, her mother jumped to her feet, embracing emma on a suffocating hug. Tears pooled out of her mothers eyes, and she said something that would change emma's life forever. " Everyone loves you" tears came out of emma's eyes " No matter how much you think, no matter how much you want to kill your self, remember that I will always love you." Her mother spoke, almost a whisper. After that day, emma has had thoughts, but they all go away. She remembers those words her mother spoke, and she remembers all the people she has loved. And all the people that loved her.

#53852 Faith

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States

How: Magic trick guy and I will give it to a person that looks like they could use some reassurance in life!

Story: I was at National FFA Convention and the magic trick guy gave all of these out after sharing his story!

#48596 Hayden

Where: Indiana

How: I will hide it for someone else to find

Story: I was walking down the hall of a hotel I'm staying in, and tripped on it and fell. I later wanted to see if the key card would work even if the card was in front of it. That's when I say the back.

#21009 Lindsay

Where: Columbus, OH, USA

How: One of my best friends Jasmine:)

Story: I was given the book and card as a going away gift from my very close friend. I was moving from Columbus where I lived for 6 years to New York City. Making this big transition in my life was challenging. Although it was a dream that I had for year, I knew that I was leaving behind a comfortable life. I had been feeling like something was missing and I wasn't living up to my full potential. I was excelling at work, but felt very lost and alone. For about a year, I was struggling with finding joy and peace while I lived in Ohio. I began having anxiety and bad depression. I isolated myself and felt less than. I wanted to get out but didn't see the open door. Every door closed in front of me and I felt trapped. My friend who gave this book to me changed my life. I realized that I needed a friend like her. Someone who I could rely on and be myself around. I never felt judged or had to explain myself. Even when I fell short of being the friend I should have been, she was always there with open arms. She makes me laugh and always puts me in a good mood. She CONSTANTLY affirms me, encourages me, and says positive things about me. Even when I don't feel incredible, she finds a way to point out something I did that made an impact. I'm so used to minimalizing myself that having a friend do the opposite really encouraged me and gave me a sense of confidence. I just hope that I can do the same for someone else. Thank you Jasmine for this reminder that we all have a gift to share and we can all make a difference.

#54255 Isai

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana

How: I found it on the floor of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Story: It was after a presentation by Jon Petz, he presented at the National FFA Convention. He had just finished mentioning the context of the 7 of Hearts Card movement and I noticed it stuck under my friends seat. And then I picked it up

#58741 Deb

October 11, 2017

Where: Albany, NY

How: I received this card from a seminar Jon was the keynote speaker. I gave this card to Kameria a customer service Rep at Wal-Mart in Farmingdale, NY

Story: After shopping i realized i left one of my bags in the shopping cart. I went back and spoke to another csr the night before and left my name and number if someone happened to turn it in. Never heard anything but had to go back to the store today for something and checked to see if my bag was turned in. Kameria helped me and checked to see if it was turned in. It didn’t appear to have been turned in and she kindly enough gave me a credit for the items I lost. As i was thanking her i remembered i had my 7 of hearts card and this simple moment was significant because the lost items were for my church.

#26161 Jon

October 5, 2017

Where: Columbus, Ohio and sending to Greenville, KY

How: Giving to Angela

Story: I'm sending this 7 of hearts to Angela after reading her amazing story in the newspaper and learning about what she does for South Middle School every day. She embodies the very purpose of this mission - she shares simple moments with students and staff every day in an effort to improve their working and learning environment as well as their overall community. Often people think we can 'achieve' significance in what we do - however they are wrong. Significance is never achieved, it is GIFTED to you, but those around you. By Angela sharing her unique gift, she indeed is seen as a significant role model and bright wake up call to so many students who may need it that day . . . or the next. Thank you Angela for who you are, what you do and how you do it. You are SIGNIFICANT in my world!

#51442 Brandon

September 28, 2017

Where: Bismarck, ND USA

How: Kelly P gave it to me.

Story: I just love this idea and i encourage others to jump in i will be passing this card along.

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