Identify, Appreciate and Deliver the Simple moments . . .
YOU will never be JUST anything . . . ever again!

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#58743 Deb

September 27, 2017

Where: Albany, NY

How: I received this card from a seminar Jon was the Keynote at.

Story: Jon touched me with his story and it made an impact on me at a time in my life things have been looking bleak at work and I was just going to give up. Not on life just in my career and the direction I want to go. I didn't believe in myself, my abilities or that anything I did made a difference anymore. He made me think and realize I am not a "just a" and what I do does have a positive impact on others and to not give up. I am giving this card to a dear friend who has listened to me when I just needed to vent and who has also been there when I need a friend to do something as important to me as feeding my cat so I can go to the seminar and hear the story of the 7 of Hearts!

#34877 Hannah

September 22, 2017

Where: Columbus, OH

How: Stephany


#58407 Jon

September 18, 2017

Where: Cincinnati, Ohio

How: Kimberly

Story: I'm sharing this card with Kimberly and mailing it to Cincinnati Ohio. She is a person who makes a difference and is willing to share the gift of Significance with many many others. Wishing this card on a very special journey that impacts many people.

#36251 Mike

September 13, 2017

Where: Gentry, Arkansas, USA

How: Got it from the book

Story: After reading the book, I gave the card to a person that has been there as a sounding board over the last few years during an especially difficult time in my life. This person would listen without judgment, offer their thoughts when needed, or just listen. He always seem to know what was needed at the time. Through this time we have became good friends and have learned that we can depend on each other when times are tough.

#30016 Harold

September 1, 2017

Where: Gentry, AR USA

How: The book was given to me by Tim Broughton - VP of McKee Foods Arkansas as a gift.

Story: Tim has been an inspiration to me. I have worked with his team for many years, and I am always amazed at how he keeps his team's spirits up. He is a great encourager and motivator.

#27065 Kay

August 25, 2017

Where: Emmetsburg, Iowa USA

How: I am giving it to someone who was put on Earth by GOD to change lives daily! Boy - is he proud!


#28930 Max

August 21, 2017

Where: Cabot Arkansas

How: It was given to me by my daughter which makes it very special to me. I plan on giving to Yvone West who has made a very positive impact on how and why I teach

Story: I believe I had gotten into a rut like we all do from time to time. I got into teaching and coaching to help young people make better decisions throughout their high school journey and that it would carry on to their adult life. I had lost some of my passion by watching so many take the wrong road. I got inspired by Yvone as I watched him deal with students, adults, and teachers. It has reminded me of why I wanted to teach in the first place.

#53686 Jen

August 10, 2017

Where: Columbus, OH

How: Received at seminar from Jon to pass along

Story: passing along to someone who took a chance and hired me for a position. At the time I was hired, I was going through a horrible time in my life -- this job helped me grow and move on. This job helped me become more independent, confident and helped me build a great team of people. This person has been a great mentor and leader in the last 3.5 years and has made a difference in my life. Thank You JM!

#21759 Jamie

July 10, 2017

Where: Bowling Green Ky

How: Given by a coworker named Tammy, really great friend

Story: I'm going through seperation. Havin some difficulty dealing with some things. Trying to get my health better. To heat and learn Nathans story touched my heart in a very special way. Thank you for creating this and share Nathans story!!!

#61865 Rhonda

June 29, 2017

Where: Tysons Corner, VA USA

How: I was at a conference and Jon told the story of the cards and I just thought it was a wonderful vision. I purchased some cards and wish to pass it along. You never know when you can change someone's day with just a small gesture.


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