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#47970 Katie

November 1, 2017

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana


Story: I received this card at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. The story behind this card brought tears to not only my eyes but my whole chapter’s eyes and even all the way back home to my mother in Tennessee who was watching the Convention on TV. I hope this message touches you as much as it touched 66 thousand FFA members that night.

#48427 Makenzie

Where: I received it in Indiana while I was at National FFA convention in the United States


Story: I was very touched by Nathan's story. I am in a bad household and it was very touching to know that people out there are still able to help others.

#48326 Gary

October 31, 2017

Where: In Indianapolis Indiana at the National FFA Convention.

How: Jon Petz gave it to me at the National FFA Convention after his presentation to thousands of FFA members. I received it on Friday October 27th,2017.

Story: Mr. Petz's story about Nathan made me feel a sense of appreciation for what I do as an Agriculture teacher. Many times we are brought into a students life as well as his or her families lives. On two different occasions students have come to me sharing a near tragedy. Both situations are different and not related in any way, other than the fact that both students had thought about suicide. They shared their stories and circumstances, thanking me for being a good listener as well as a friend. The FFA often times has the ability to reach students in ways other classes may not. Whether it is through FFA activities or hands on curriculum, students develop a sense of trust with Agriculture teachers. Both of the students thanked me for helping them change their minds. One student said, " because you kept me busy and gave me a purpose, I could not do something to my body that would be forever. You gave me a reason to live...... I think as a person, I have come to understand that something that seems insignificant to me, can be a big deal to someone else. Mother Teresa once said, " To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it." As people living on this earth, we all have the responsibility to keep filling that lamp with the oil of caring and love.

#51521 Mariah

October 30, 2017

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

How: This card was recieved at the 90th National FFA Convention and Expo held in Indianpolis on October 27-29th, 2017. I will give this card to a colleague at college in Colorado.

Story: I was one of the attendees at the 90th National FFA Convention in Indianapolis where Jon Petz was a keynote speaker. This is where the card started. His story was amazing and the fact that little acts of kindness (like random acts of kindness), can mean a lot more than you think when you do them for others, hit home. Different people have different stories and hardships that they face, but we're all in the same boat together and we can all make a difference if we take the time to step up and step out of our comfort zones. The little things truly do matter in life, so make the best and most of them while they last. I'm a college student who is studying to be a teacher and I hope to share and pass on this story to my students one day.

#52277 Lashawna

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana US



#49092 Ashley

October 29, 2017

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana United States of America

How: Jon Petz at the 90th FFA National Convention and Expo A stranger at the airport

Story: On October 29, 2017, around 4:50 (eastern time) I was informed that I would no longer be able to fly on the plane because there were no seats open on the plane. That's when I started to freak out, what if I lost my connection flight home? What if I didn't make it home? Not only that but I'm going to make it home much later than planned and still have to go to school the next day. This lady popped out of nowhere and told the agents that she would let me have her seat so I wouldn't be separated from my FFA chapter. I can describe how thankful I am, why did this lady drop her first class tickets to let a teenager be able to go home. I guess this question will have to stick beside me the rest of my life unanswered. If you are that stranger who gave up her seat and are reading this right now, I want you to know that I appreciate you more than words and actions can describe.Once, again Thank you!!! -Ashley

#49916 Callie

Where: Eagle Point, OR

How: My Mom gave it to me after she received it at the 90th National FFA Convention. She thought it would be a great gift for me to learn about for my 10th birthday. I will pass it on to my brother Brayden.


#50250 Sydni

Where: National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.


Story: I heard this story during a session at the 90th National FFA Convention. I hope this card goes far and makes someone’s day.

#48181 Kayla

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana USA

How: The card was given to me at the 90th National FFA Convention.

Story: I am 18 and a 6th generation farmer in Nebraksa. Whenever I get to come off of my small farm in rural Nebraska it is always a brand new learning experience. When I was 7 my younger brother, who was 3 at the time, was diagnosed with cancer. It was always kinda rough on my family, I didn't know at the time but looking back at my life I knew a lot was kept secret from me about what all happened, but I had to be quiet about it for my brother. This had me so much more mature for my age well between that and growing up on a farm has always taught me that life is short an never take it for granted. It has now been almost 8 years since my brother has been cancer free and my family and I are all still together. I know my story could have been so much different but I am glad it was not. So my big take away that I would like to share is: life is short do what you love with who you love and don't take that time for granted.

#51535 Maria

October 28, 2017

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana United States

How: I received the card from John petz. I will be giving my card to the passengers sitting next to me in the plane.

Story: I received my card at a the National FFA Convention and Mr.Petz was out keynote speaker. His story inspired me to pass on my card.

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