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“The Journey of Cards Traveling in The World”

30 Apr
  • locationDelano, MN USA
  • How?I received from a co-worker who borrowed me the book...

#55654 Lori

26 Apr
  • locationTulsa, OK
  • How?I bought Jon Petz's book after hearing him speak at...

#11103 Juli

Mr. Petz is an incredible speaker. If you ever have an opportunity to hear him speak, do not miss it!

24 Apr
  • locationTulsa, OK
  • How?Bought the book at the OKC HR conference and will...

#22239 Laura

23 Apr
  • locationSt. Paul, Nebraska, United States
  • How?I will be giving this card to Emily. She is...

#60197 Terran

Two of my fellow cheerleaders were in a fight and I could tell that the one was very upset. As the captain, I knew my job was to help. I went up to one of the girls to ask if she was okay and she yelled at me to go away. So I thought to myself maybe she just needs time so I walked away. Later that week I decided to try again and see if she was ready to talk. When I asked she started to cry. She told me that she was very sorry for the way she yelled at me. I obviously told her that it was okay and I knew she needed time. I then talk with her for about an hour about the situation and how I could help. We figured out a plan on how she was going to talk to the other person. She used the plan the next day and the problem was instantly solved. The two now get along and have not fought since. I was extremely glad to help and it still makes me smile every day.

18 Apr
  • locationLouisville,Ky.
  • How?I came into work and it was laying on my...

#31927 Tammy

15 Apr
  • locationBuffalo, NY
  • How?John Petz

#4306 Donna

09 Apr
  • locationChattanooga, TN
  • How?I was lucky enough to hear Jon speak and tell...

#42440 Laurie

I held onto this card waiting for the perfect moment to pass it on. I often found myself thinking later, “that was the right moment.” On my birthday, my parents and I went to enjoy lunch together. Our waitress was beyond enthusiastic and such a joy to be around, I knew it was the perfect moment to pass along my card. It was a day of celebrating and she deserved to be celebrated!

08 Apr
  • locationCincinnati, Ohio
  • How?My sister gave me this card. I had been struggling...

#66194 Anne

05 Apr
  • locationAthens, Ohio. USA
  • How?My Best Friend

#11900 Derek

In 2016, my best friend gave me this card with the intention that I would write my story and the card would begin it’s journey (Little did she know, I was in love with her and hung on to the card figuring it could serve as a reminder as we parted ways in the coming months). Life happened and we grew distant only so we could be drawn back together, and I am about to give the card back to her on our one year anniversary. I love this girl with all of my heart and look forward to spending the rest of my life with her. She is funny, kind, and more than I could ever ask for. Every single moment with her is significant to me. Here’s to the journey from here....

01 Apr
  • locationCharlotte north carolina
  • How?A homeless man

#7777 Courtney