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#52135 Dana

August 2, 2018

Where: Tulsa, OK at an HR conference. I listened to the story of the little boy who lost his battle with cancer but just before he passed was inspired by “just a guy who performs magic tricks”. I purchased the deck to pass on positivity for those who make a difference.


Story: Patrick waited in myself and my son today at a local restaraunt. What Patrick didn’t know was how much my boy needed today to be special. He has worked the entire summer and not had a chance to do anything FUN! I took off to make a day of Top Golf and lunch of his choice. Patrick’s fun attitude about work and excellent customer service made an ordinary visit extraordinary! Thank You for that! Please pass this on to someone who makes a difference for you!! Keep smiling!

#55654 Lori

Where: Delano/MN/USA

How: I received from a co-worker and will pass it to my daughter

Story: I loved the book. I will be passing it on to my daughter who is a very Courageous, Giving, Adventurous woman. She has spent the last five years living in Nicaragua working with the children and teachers there. Living in one of the poorest countries in the world, learning their language and adapting to their ways. She has told me many stories from riding the chicken bus to the sadness of the kids not having toys. She and her friend ventured out on their own to do this amazing work and have now formed their own Non-Profit organization, Please check out their website and see what this amazing woman is doing!

#62429 Hector

July 30, 2018

Where: Portland, ME

How: My daughter

Story: After receiving the card for helping my daughter to prepare for an exam, she instructed me how to pass it along. I saved it in my wallet for weeks waiting for the right person to pass it. It was a Monday when a series of unfortunate events had make my day a nightmare, then I needed to print a document from the internet and I found this place where Zach offered to help me with no charge, just to help somebody, then I dropped my wallet and Zach called me back and save it for me, definitely he made my day and he is the living proof that there is people out there willing to help others without reward.

#59837 Major

July 20, 2018

Where: Robinson Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

How: Fairfield Inn Airport


#12916 amy

July 18, 2018

Where: hot springs AR was given this card as a tip. I am a housedeeper at a local hotel the lady that gave it to me was so nice and sincire apreciating of her service.



#66958 Abby

July 12, 2018

Where: Holmen wisconsin United States

How: My job gave me this card and I'm giving it to someone that means alot to me. His name is Saul.

Story: Growing up I never really had a father figure in my life. My "father" didn't care for me, love me or show me that he was blessed to have a daughter. Matter fact he would tell people that he knew, that he only had a son.. That hurt me to the fullest. Well, Saul has been there for me for as long as I can remember. When I first met Saul, i wasn't too sure about him because I didn't know him at all. But, I'm so thankful for him and everything that he has done for me. He has taken on one of the hardest challenges in life and that's playing the "father" role for me and my lfie. He gives me advice when I need it, he is always there for me to support me in every little thing I do whether it is big or small he is there cheering me on. He always tells me I'm beautiful, and that he is so thankful to be apart of my life. Without him, i don't think I'd be where I am today, or matter fact doing the things that I'm doing. He has always motivated me and pushed me to never give up on anything and that I can always do anything I put my mind too. So I'm giving him this card to tell him and show him that i appreciate him and i love this man so much. Even though he didn't create me, I still look to him as my father, and someone that I can run to whenever i need to vent. He has very good listening ears, and he is very honest with how he feels towards certain things. When I had big events going on for sports, and or school .. Saul was there.. He was there through everything. He's never left my side nor abandoned me. I love this man so much.! He has impacted my life to the fullest and he also has made the biggest difference for me. It really takes a strong soul and mind to do what he has done.

#39083 Danielle

Where: Portage, Wisconsin, USA

How: Cassy


#261 Zappster

Where: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

How: The colleague

Story: I am genrating my own card

#48861 ESTHER

July 10, 2018

Where: Indianapolis/Indiana/United States of America

How: I received it from the guest speaker at the 2018 National FFA Convention.

Story: I was representing the Grantsville, Utah FFA in the National FFA Poultry Evaluation competition.

#57160 Abbie

July 9, 2018

Where: Gorham, Maine

How: It was given to me by a speaker at a conference I attended. I intend to give it to someone makes an impact on my life just by a small simple moment.

Story: My story isn’t great or significant I’m a 16 year old girl who lives in a small town. I work at a fast food place and I spend my days like any other teenager hanging out with friends. What may set me apart from other people is I struggle with an anxiety disorder, moderat depression, and a few other problems that not many people face. This may not seem special but to me it has changed my outlook on everything. I’ve suffered a lot of loss since a young age and it’s taught me so much about compassion and what a simple smile can do for someone. I don’t let anything hold me back, I fight through everything hat give me anxiety and I’ve always made it out of depressive spells. Receiving and passing on this card means so much to me I hope anyone who receives one recognizes the honor it is and passes it along to maybe brighten sosmiens day.

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