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#27889 Danielle

June 7, 2016

Where: At Maine Youth Leadership

How: I got it from the head of MYL.

Story: The head of MYL told us the story of Nathan, the boy who inspired the 7 of hearts orginization to be created. On our last day of the most amazing experience of my life, she gave us each a 7 of hears card, saying that everyone had made an impact on someone's life while we were there.

#33536 Jordan

Where: I received my 7 of hearts card in Gorham, Maine, USA while attending a leadership seminar known as Maine Youth Leadership (MYL) at the University of Maine in Gorham.

How: I received my card from Kathy Leighton along with other staff members and volunteers at MYL. I will give it to my former math teacher, Jessica Dunlap.

Story: I just recently returned from MYL which was a life changing experience with 120 other sophomores from across the state of Maine. I was given the card and the chance to do my part. I have recently learned that I can be myself and that no one can change who I am. After hearing the 7 of hearts story it made me realize that I can make the same difference on someone else and by giving the card to someone else I can make a ripple effect. MYL changed my life it made me see the good in myself and other people and that no judgement zone should apply everywhere. I was glad to share this experience with so many wonderful people and hope to make a difference in the world.

#27901 Paige

Where: Maine Youth Leadership (MYL) University Of Southern ME, Gorham

How: My Counselor at MYL

Story: I got this card at Maine Youth Leadership (MYL) along with one hundred and twenty other sophomores. Our counselor Kathy was telling us that even when we think we don't make a big difference in someones life, we do. I hope that the person I give the card to gives it to someone else that gives it to someone else and the card will travel! I also hope that you all get this card and actually write about your story. Also that it touches you your heart as much as it did to mine. This story meant a lot to me, I believe that the story will live on in my heart forever.

#33541 Liberty

June 6, 2016

Where: I received this 7 of hearts card in Gorham, Maine, USA while attending a leadership conference known as Maine Youth Leadership (MYL) at the University of Maine campus.

How: Kathy Leighton, along with other staff members and volunteers at the Maine Youth Leadership gave me this card.

Story: While attending a Leadership seminar I was given this card, long with the opportunity to pay something forward. The seminar itself got me to step out of my comfort zone and open up to other sophomores from across the state of Maine. I learned to step up and be a better leader not only for other but also for myself and learning to trust myself and take risks. Upon receiving this card we were all told the story behind it, after hearing it the entire crowd was over whelmed with emotions. Receiving a card opened up the opportunity to give something back, it might be small, but this card taught me that even small things can be significant.

#27875 Troy

Where: Gorham, Maine, U.S.A.

How: This was was given to me to me by Kathy Leighton as part of the MYL seminar. I play on giving it to my former Biology teacher and advisor, Ann Bolvin.

Story: I very recently returned from the MYL (Maine Youth Leadership) Seminar in Gorham, Maine. I attended the seminar with around 120 other sophomore students from the state of Maine. On the final day of the seminar one of the leaders, Kathy Leighton, stood before us and told us the story behind this website and the cards. I was moved to tears by it and truly inspired. It is a great honor for me to be taking part in this program.

#27888 Cole

June 5, 2016

Where: I received this card at the Maine Youth Leadership (MYL) seminar at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham, Maine. I was given this card on June 6, 2016.

How: I was given the card by Kathy Leighton, a co-chair of MYL, and plan on giving the card to my 6th grade teacher at Mount Merici Academy in Waterville, Maine, Donna Russo.


#25850 Jackie

Where: Maine Youth Leadership seminar at USM in Gorham

How: MYL


#21482 Katie

June 3, 2016

Where: Stockton, California - USA - on June 2, 2016 at the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce Business Expo & Mixer.

How: Mark McDonald gave the book, thus the card, to me.

Story: I am the Director of Community Relations for the Stockton Heat hockey team of the American Hockey League. A lot of time, I forget the significance of the simple moments because I work for a sports entertainment organization. To me, a puck drop or a zamboni ride or even a fundraiser is just another element of game presentation. To those who select - oftentimes related to a special cause - these moments are once-in-a-lifetime special moments. My 7 of Hearts moment happened a few years ago. One of my clients asked if I could donate a pair of tickets to a young boy and his mom in celebration of his birthday. For his birthday, all the boy wanted to do was host a blood drive to help out kids like him who needed blood. You see, he had a heart condition that left him very sick and constantly in need of blood transfusions. I told my client not a problem, and also offered to give him a ride on the zamboni during one of the intermissions. It was "just" a zamboni ride, not a big deal. But to his family, that night WAS a big deal. It was a chance for him to spend time with his family, have a special adventure, and even meet the team mascot. He was so happy and wanted to share each moment of the night with his mom. He was such a humble kid, so grateful and said thank you and hugged everyone who had helped him that night. "We each have gifts and may not realize their impact..." A simple moment for me was a huge moment for him and his family, but it's a memory that I will carry with me forever.

#10847 Judy

Where: Columbus, Ohio. June 3, 2016. Jon Petz is a dear friend of mine from his early years as a professional magician. When I reconnected with Jon via his website, I knew I had to read this book. It arrived today, the same day I am to attend my friends' wedding celebration. They insisted on no gifts, but when I finished reading the book, I knew I had to share this with them.

How: I am giving this card to Brad and Lauren in Columbus, Ohio.

Story: Tonight at Brad and Lauren’s wedding reception I will give them a 7 of Hearts card inside a copy of Significance in Simple Moments. Brad and Lauren are colleagues of mine. I watched them meet, become friends, fall in love, and become a family. I love each of them individually and admire them as a couple. They made a difference in my life by being my friend. They helped me paint my house before I sold it. They save me a seat at happy hours. They ask for my thoughts. They are interested in my life’s story. They smile and hug me when we greet one another. They treat me like I am one of their best buddies. But I am old enough to be their mother. They make a difference in my life because they respect me for my place ahead of them in life’s journey. They do not cast me aside in an attempt to hurry along on their own way. And I am forever grateful and delighted that our paths have joined for the simple moments that we share.

#35314 Erick

June 2, 2016

Where: Dublin, OH on 6/2/16

How: Rachel

Story: I am pass this card on to Rachel for making a difference and helping our WFG partners with the back log of work due to record breaking volumes.

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