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#22148 Melissa

August 5, 2016

Where: Campbellsville, KY USA

How: Received it at a training, giving it to Penny

Story: Penny has proven to be invaluable in her position as a 2nd grade teacher. Our school was presented with a new initiative this school year. Many teachers were reluctant to give it a try. Penny took on the initiative and completed the first three units. She unselfishly shared all of her work with the other teachers. As we know, teaching is often a "thankless" job. I am presenting this card to Penny to THANK her for her work ethic and willingness to be a team player. Penny, I wish we all had your deep rooted desire to do our best!

#27489 Jaime

August 4, 2016

Where: Muhlenberg County, KY, USA

How: My boss

Story: My principal gave me the 7 of hearts card on the first day of school. He said he appreciated all that I had done over the summer to help the first day be a success. Often times the work done behind the scenes goes unnoticed, and it was really nice that he took the time to notice my efforts.

#32721 Rhonda

Where: Campbellsville/ Kentucky/ USA

How: Rhonda is giving her card to Betty Sue.

Story: My sister recently had surgery and is confined to a wheelchair for a period of time. Grabbing some groceries while pushing a wheelchair is not an easy task. After buying a load of school supplies for her students, my sister tells me that she needs a new mini refrigerator to hold all of the extra breakfast and lunch food items. I left her up front, loaded the refrigerator and made my way back to the front of the store the whole time wondering how I was going to make it to the truck with EVERYTHING. God tends to put people where we need them. Mrs. Betty Sue and her precious husband pushed our cart to the truck, helped me unload everything and even put up our cart! People like them show that there are still amazing and Godly people in the world. We appreciated their kindness more than we can express!

#26154 Brian

August 3, 2016

Where: Greenville, Kentucky U.S.A.

How: Jon Petz gave this card to me at our Opening Day for staff in the Muhlenberg County School District.

Story: Jon thanked me for being a significant part in bringing him to Muhlenberg County. It was a team effort and very glad it was able to take place. My role was small compared to the inspiration he gave us and the reminder that we all make a difference in students' lives whether we ever know the impact or not. I love watching for the significant moments and the inner reward when these moments are realized! Thank you Jon!

#33447 Amy

Where: Muhlenberg County,Ky USA

How: I received it after a Petz show.


#26167 Jon

Where: Nashville, TN

How: I'm giving this card to Kaitlan our flight attendant on United Airlines

Story: She's got an amazingly tough job and has to deal with plenty of difficult passengers. On my trip out, she took the time to really listen and help us. (Don't always see that). Well, you see it for the important safety stuff, but she took care of the simple things with a wonderful smile as well. It made a difference in my day and she will get this card when we land.

#28226 Donna

Where: Greenville, Kentucky

How: Scott Cronin

Story: I had this one student years ago in my 7th grade science classroom, Miranda. Miranda was not the most studious student nor did she get along well with others; however, she and I clicked. She came from troubled home and low socio economic status. At the conclusion of the year, I found a note on my science lab table addressed to me. Miranda had written me the kindest note I could ever receive. She told me I was the only one who could see the good in her and thanked me for giving her a chance. I pack this note with me and read it often. She made me feel significant and continues to remind me of the significance each time I read it.

#32969 Brad

Where: Greenville/KY/USA

How: Donna Bumps gave me this card. She is my principal and leader. She took a chance on hiring an "experienced' educator that still has something to offer.

Story: After a seven year hiatus from this school I was rehired to be an assistant principal. I am back in the same office and building that I was prior to leaving for another job. This is a welcome change and breath of fresh air for me. Mrs. Bumps and I go way back. As a matter of fact when she was in elementary school she attended a conservation camp where I was one of her counselors. Now, SEVERAL, years later she took a chance on me to return to my old job and support her in her role as leader. She has a tough job, leading one school that is split on two campuses, several miles apart. This is an unimaginable task; but she does it with ease. This card was for "being a member of her team" but it means more to me than that. This job is a blessing and I am proud to be here to support her and make this school better than it has ever been. I told her before that I have her back and I believe she has mine. This promises to be a great year. Thank you to Donna Bumps for taking a chance on me! Year 25 has officially begun! HOORAH!

#32721 Melissa

Where: Campbellsville, KY USA

How: I received my card at a training and am giving it to Rhonda.

Story: Rhonda has entered a new position within my school. She has been a Godsend to me as we look at curriculum development and alignment. Rhonda has single handedly transformed our working documents. She has taken the time to thoroughly research and apply the best technique and formats for our documents. Additionally, she took on the job of creating the master schedule for our school. This job was accepted above and beyond her current role. I cannot put into words the "headaches' the creation of this schedule brings about. Rhonda has handled in in stride. She fields questions, makes adjustments, and continues to do so with a smile. Rhonda has proven to be an invaluable member of our team.

#22137 Melissa

August 1, 2016

Where: Campbellsville, KY USA

How: Donna gave me this card. I am passing this card on to Pat.

Story: Ms. Pat has unknowingly become a part of our family. Ms. Pat is the owner of A Child's Workplace in Campbellsville. My son started daycare at age 7 weeks. He is now 4 years old. Ms. Pat goes above and beyond each day to make me feel that my son is the only child in attendance at the center. My son loves Ms. Pat. I cannot imagine the day he is going to enter school and leave the center behind. Recently, he has become a bug enthusiast. Ms. Pat accepts the creatures he brings to share with an enthusiastic smile. He was afforded the opportunity to become a scolopendra expert. Ms. Pat allowed him to teach the class about the scolopendra. She took his picture with his new find and laminated it for the center. He know feels he is truly the bug expert. This small act, paid huge dividends to his self-confidence. Often, he will pet the picture and say "I miss that day". Ms.. Pat has secured a spot in our family through her small acts. She understands his personality. She often meets him at the door to read his demeanor. If he is apprehensive, she will request his assistance with a job. That is all it takes to make him feel important and needed. Thank you for all the small acts, which shape his future in such a big way.

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