Identify, Appreciate and Deliver the Simple moments . . .
YOU will never be JUST anything . . . ever again!

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#4306 Donna

April 15, 2018

Where: Buffalo, NY

How: John Petz


#42440 Laurie

April 9, 2018

Where: Chattanooga, TN

How: I was lucky enough to hear Jon speak and tell this story first hand. After hearing the message, my company purchased a deck of 7 of Hearts cards.

Story: I held onto this card waiting for the perfect moment to pass it on. I often found myself thinking later, “that was the right moment.” On my birthday, my parents and I went to enjoy lunch together. Our waitress was beyond enthusiastic and such a joy to be around, I knew it was the perfect moment to pass along my card. It was a day of celebrating and she deserved to be celebrated!

#66194 Anne

April 8, 2018

Where: Cincinnati, Ohio

How: My sister gave me this card. I had been struggling for a couple weeks and feeling not sure if myself and not confidant. My sister and I planned a weekend. We sat talking and I stepped outside of my own issues to help her with some things and give her encouragement and advice. The next day after church she gave me the card and said that I was the strongest person she knew and that my trials and experiences made me loving and giving and that she always appreciated my encouragement and direction. She said I made a huge impact on her life and gave me the card. I will pass it on to someone who makes my life better and amazing in some significant way.


#11900 Derek

April 5, 2018

Where: Athens, Ohio. USA

How: My Best Friend

Story: In 2016, my best friend gave me this card with the intention that I would write my story and the card would begin it’s journey (Little did she know, I was in love with her and hung on to the card figuring it could serve as a reminder as we parted ways in the coming months). Life happened and we grew distant only so we could be drawn back together, and I am about to give the card back to her on our one year anniversary. I love this girl with all of my heart and look forward to spending the rest of my life with her. She is funny, kind, and more than I could ever ask for. Every single moment with her is significant to me. Here’s to the journey from here....

#7777 Courtney

April 1, 2018

Where: Charlotte north carolina

How: A homeless man


#65838 Pulcinella Pizzeria

March 27, 2018

Where: Fort Collins, CO, USA

How: Someone in our tip jar

Story: Someone left a card in our tip jar. The manager pulled it out and we looked this up

#36990 Alex Luvisi

March 26, 2018

Where: Boston, MA USA

How: Colby Colarossi

Story: Lucky to be here

#38529 Victoria

March 22, 2018

Where: I received it at work First American Home Warranty.

How: I got it from a co-worker. I will give it back to the co-worker and encourage her to read it.

Story: Not to get too personal but I identify with the phrase I am Just, and today i will flip that phrase to I am.

#16758 dustin

March 20, 2018

Where: orange county



#65821 Dawn

March 17, 2018

Where: Chatanooga, Tn

How: I received this card at a business retreat where Jon spoke. The story behind this card still makes me cry. I look in at the hospital room and can see Nathan enthralled and his family's joy at his happiness. For that one small period of time, pain and sorrow don't exist. I will look to give my card to someone who steps out of themselves to try to bring that to someone else.

Story: I don't have a story yet....or rather I don't have an ending. My mom is in a memory care unit. Her journey is nearing an end. My guess is that I may set my card on its journey here. However, I don't know yet. Whoever gets this card next will be a wonderful person worthy of the honor of intersecting the road Nathan travelled.

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