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#19745 secret sister

January 20, 2016

Where: I actually heard the story at our Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) Christmas party. I ordered several (4) copies. This is the first one I sent. I sent it to my secret sister for this year, 2016. This woman is amazing! Her significant moment for me was the constant prayers she sends my way. There are always cards and phone calls. She is a dear friend and sister in Christ. She lightens my burdens with her prayers, cards and phone calls.

How: I sent it to Beverly Himsel!

Story: I cannot go into it right now because of this being sent as a secret.

#17638 Melissa

Where: La Crosse Wisconsin, my card came in the book.

How: I plan to give this card to Jen Twite.

Story: Jen made a simple moment signifcant by taking the time to meet a client where he was at with his mental illness and not argue with him but problem solve with him from his current reality, thank you Jen for make a simple moment in your day significant for a client.

#13487 Sara

January 18, 2016

Where: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, end of October 2015.

How: I got the card from the back of Jon's book. I'm not sure who I'll give it to. I may just drop it somewhere random.

Story: Jon was the keynote speaker for the Wisconsin 2015 SHRM conference and his story moved me to tears. I thought about his presentation a lot while I was driving home from the conference. As soon as I got home, I knew I needed to share Nathan's story with the rest of my team. I ordered Jon's book via Amazon that day and shared Nathan's story with great pride. There are a lot of great learning tools in this book, and while I may not have figured them all out, I will keep on trying. "Showtime" was my favorite phrase that Jon spoke of and I will try to incorporate that in my daily interactions with my co-workers, peers, and superiors.

#32675 Aurora

January 14, 2016

Where: Chippewa Falls, WI 1/14/2016

How: I received a stack of cards today with the intent to deliver them to the folks who deserve to know how they have impacted my life.

Story: The darkest and most challenging time in my career happened while I was working with Jen. We were faced with the challenge of re-building a team from the ground up. Where any other new manager would have ran and let someone else take care of the problem (that someone was me), Jen stayed. She slept less in a month than most people do in a week and made many personal sacrifices. I'm sure she questioned why she decided to take on that responsibility several times, but she never quit. Jen is receiving a 7 of Hearts because she never gave up on us. I have a grim picture sitting above my computer that reminds me of that challenging time...and in bold magic marker the words, "Remember what you've overcome" are written across it. When I find myself feeling overwhelmed and thinking I can't overcome an obstacle I look at that and feel like I can do anything. Thanks for being a part of that transformation Jen and giving me a constant reminder that getting over obstacles might not be easy, but is never impossible, no matter how big they might be.

#32676 Aurora

Where: Chippewa Falls, WI 1/14/2016

How: I received a stack of cards today with the intent to deliver them to the folks who deserve to know how they have impacted my life.

Story: Angie is the first recipient of this card and I hope she passes it on to someone who has impacted her. "Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness." I heard that quote and thought of Angie because despite how many times Angie has been let down, disappointed, or faced adversity she continues to look for the best in people. She is one of the most self-less people I have met and on more occasions than I can count she has put other's needs before hers, without hesitation. She never expects anything in return, and her kindness is often taken for granted. Angie is getting a 7 of Hearts because she continuously reminds me of the goodness in people. It is refreshing to be able to believe in somebody the way I believe in Angie. "Never stop doing little things for people, Sometimes the smallest things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts."

#32677 Aurora

Where: Chippewa Falls, WI 1/14/2016.

How: I received a stack of cards today with the intent to deliver them to the folks who deserve to know how they have impacted my life. The first card is getting delivered to Sam. Sam has devoted her career to supporting adults with developmental disabilities, and man does she do it well.

Story: I had plans with my career, big plans...none of which involved providing in-home care to adults with disabilities. In my initial career search right out of post-graduate school I started work at an adult family home and had the honor of meeting Sam. At just over 5 feet tall she was an intimidating little woman with drive and tenacity. I'd never heard anyone tell stories about her residents and her job like she did. Rarely does she tell a story and not cry, either from laughter, sadness, or a little bit of both. All of her stories are about how other people (whether it be co-workers or residents) have impacted her, and never about her taking credit for the impact she has made on others. Sam is receiving a 7 of Hearts to remind her of one small moment that impacted the choices I made. *It was that cold winter day she stood outside with a hoodie and stocking cap on and told me her stories as she cried. I stared at her in awe as she jumped around, talked with her hands, and laughed and cried. She was so proud! I wanted that...I wanted a career I could be proud of, one that really made an impact on peoples' lives. As I glanced at the company logo on her shirt I decided that this was where I wanted to build my career, and from that day forward never filled out an application to another company. I still have the honor of working with her to this day, along side a team that believes in her, and I couldn't be more proud. Sam, never forget how simple moments have a huge impact. Never stop inspiring people!

#38127 Olwen

Where: Madison, WI 1/13/16

How: I received this card after a training where we watched the video and received the Significance in Simple Moments books. It was given to me as a reminder that the actions I take that may seem small to me, may be significant for someone else.

Story: I will look for an opportunity to share this card with someone I see making a difference in a simple moment. To be continued...

#31967 Lori

January 7, 2016

Where: Omaha, NE - United States - January 7, 2016 HRAM Conference

How: I will give it to a co-worker, Sara.

Story: When I began working with the company 9.5 years ago, she was one of the first people (not in my department) to strike up a conversation with me. It wasn't about work - it was about me. She was generally interested in me and made me feel like a great person. She has a heart of gold and I will always remember her compassion for others.

#32421 Josh

Where: Grand Island Nebraska, 1-6-16

How: Jon handed cards out after a performance for the CNHRMA.

Story: After seeing how passionate Jon was during his presentation and seeing how just one moment can change someone's life. I decided to take a card and pass it on when I see someone with as much passion as Jon has.

#39698 Kevin

Where: I received my card in Grand Island, NE on January 7, 2016.

How: I received my card after hearing Jon Petz's presentation and story about Nathan.

Story: I was so moved by Nathan's story, that I just had to take one of the cards. I can't wait to pass it along to someone!

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