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“The Journey of Cards Traveling in The World”

10 Feb
  • locationHillsboro WI February 18th, 2016
  • How?I will give it to Kelsey L

#36713 Deja Rasmussen

Kelsey is working very hard to do the right thing by the clients she suppports. She is being challenged by alot of red tape, but because being transparent is the right thing to do for her clients, she is jumping through the hoops to do so. Thank you Kelsey for your dedication to doing the right things.

09 Feb
  • locationKayla Gomez, my Area Director with REM WI
  • How?Jessica Dillman, Program Coordinator REM WI

#39099 Melissa V

Jessica, well where can I start. Jessica is a compassionate individual that sees the best in people and the ability to see the potential someone has. These qualities are what a Program Coordinator needs when working with individuals that have complex needs. Jessica will smile no matter what is happening around her and is always up for a challenge and to learn something new. The story about Jessica that I feel the world should know is that almost 2 years ago Jessica began working with a young man that had very high complex needs. Jessica knew these needs and still went into the program with an open mind and a smile on her face. There were days where Jessica was emotionally drained from the days events or even the day before's events, however she still came in with a smile on her face and never gave up on this young man. Jessica continued to go into work with the same smile on her face daily and showing this young man that she was there to support him and that she was never going to give up on him when other people had. Jessica is now the constant in this young man's life and there are still some challenging days, however they are not as constant and he is happy to see her and he is genuinely happy with his own life. Thank you for all you do Jessica, how you touch the lives of the people who you work with and how your smile can help other's go from having a bad day to smiling also.

09 Feb
  • locationI received my card in a meeting at work in Holman, WI. on January 21st, 2016.
  • How?My Regional Director gave me the card along with the...

#11902 Cathy

I am giving my card to Barb. Barb is a compassionate human being in all aspects of her life. She is a full-time caregiver at home and at work. Barb is a supervisor in an Adult Family Home. Her employees have told me how much better the home runs with Barb in it. Barb puts her heart and soul into her clients and her staff. Barb provides a great deal of emotional support to her staff and clients. Barb helps out in other programs when needed even if it causes her to run short on time to complete her own tasks. Barb is always happy to help out with any of the clients, not just her own. Barb radiates love, compassion and empathy for others. Barb has touched many peoples lives including my own. Thank you Barb for everything that you do.

09 Feb
  • locationKayla Gomez, my Area Director with REM WI.
  • How?Jennifer Manthey Program Coordinator with REM WI

#39100 Melissa V

Jennifer has shown that she is a hard worker and proud of what she does and who she supports. Jennifer is not Just A Program Coordinator, Jennifer is showing that she is someone that will go the extra mile to make sure that the people around her are well taken care of. Jennifer has helped out tremendously when I was unable to assist in meetings and managed them well. Jennifer has gained the respect of her co-workers, some of those co-workers doubted her in the beginning. Jennifer continues to grow and mature in her role as a Program Coordinator. Jennifer, I want to tell you GREAT JOB and I appreciate everything that you have done for the people you support and those around you.

31 Jan
  • locationI was given my card, along with the book Significance in simple moments during a management meeting at work. I work in Holmen WI.
  • How?I was given the card by my director and am...

#32133 Jen

Tracy made a simple moment signifcant by taking the time to sit down and brainstorm ideas with a client whom is striving to live on her own again. The client would like to gain more independence in her currently living situation so she can live on her own again. Tracy sat down with her and came up with some ideas to show her how many things she has already been doing on her own. She also helped the client come up with a way to track the things she was doing daily on her own as well as the things she needed a little extra help with. Thank you Tracy, this simple moment has been very significant in your clients life.

28 Jan
  • locationBismarck, ND, Energy conference, January 28, 2016
  • How?I am going to give it to my friend Twila

#32857 Jesse

Twila has been my friend for over 10 years. I was lucky enough to work with her for 10 years and can talk and have talked to her about pretty much anything and everything. She does so much for others, she is a great listener and is very active in her church and her children's lives and activities. She is a great role model and I am glad she is my friend.

28 Jan
  • locationBismarck, ND, energy conference, January 28, 2016
  • How?My friend, and coworker, Tiffany

#32858 Jesse

I am going to give it to Tiffany because she is a great person who does a lot for others and inspires many. Her family also has a huge Christmas display each year (I mean HUGE) which brings smiles to so many people of all ages and creates so many great memories for families. Thanks!

28 Jan
  • locationI ordered it off Amazon. Giving from Evansville, Indiana. Receiving in Jasper, Indiana.
  • How?Jackie Bockelman

#14473 Michelle Dame

I met Jackie through a male friend. Things didn't work out with him but she met another friend of mine. Our journey continues! I also found out she works/worked with a long time friend of my sisters. I gave Communion to this woman's mother when she was home-bound and in the hospital! God put us on this journey together. I'm so excited to see where it leads! Jackie is the perfect picture of "classy". She beams classiness and you know right off it is as much internal as external! JACKIE MAKES A DIFFERENCE! She has also been a woman of strength, courage, and love!

28 Jan
  • locationI bought this card to give to my niece. I live in Evansville, Indiana and she lives in Jasper, Indiana. I'm giving it to her on January 28th, 2016.
  • How?My niece Cheryl Herzog Gadlage!

#40312 Michelle Dame

She has made a positive difference her whole life. There are way too many to list, but I will gave you a few: She gave me her God when I was suicidal because I didn't believe my God could love me. We share "lift me ups" that only we understand: A F L A C K, Almond Joy wrappers, the Peterbuilt sign etc..... Cheryl is my best friend, my sister in Christ, my niece, and my world. She is the first person I call, for good and bad. I'm Godmother for her dogs (her children that God gives her). The list goes on and on! SHE IS MY EV EVERYTHING! CHERYL YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

25 Jan
  • locationIn Matteson, Illinois on 1-20-2016
  • How?I received it from Olwen. She had heard someone else...

#38127 Cherri