Identify, Appreciate and Deliver the Simple moments . . .
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#17426 Chris

December 10, 2015

Where: Tampa, FL 12/10/2015

How: My best girlfriend gave it to me while my husband was deployed. I plan to pass it off to a coworker.


#14077 Susan

November 4, 2015

Where: In conference materials - inside the Significance in Simple Moments book. Louisville, KY USA

How: I am the first to have this particular card. I plan to give it to someone who brightens my day when I most need it.

Story: The book has already inspired me to do quick "small" things for others.

#23124 Teresa

October 29, 2015

Where: Rotary District Conference, Lancaster, OH 10/24/15

How: Jon Petz, and I don't know who I will give it to yet.


#17818 Miranda

October 25, 2015

Where: I ordered this book after seeing Jon Petz speak at the WI SHRM conference in WI Dells.

How: I will mail this card to my friend Katie

Story: Katie and I met when I was about 12 years old she used to baby-sit my cousins. We ended up dating guys who were good friends and even did some college classes together. I will never forget our speech class days together. We went through a lot with the guys we were dating at the time and down the road both finally met our soul mates and the loves of our life and had kids. I haven't seen or talked to Katie in a few years but will always know she is my friend and made a difference in my life and where I am today. We went through a lot together. Katie thanks for being one of my significant people in my life over the years. Some day we do need to make time to get together with or without the kids and catch up its been far too long.

#14197 Lauren

October 22, 2015

Where: French Lick, IN

How: I will give it to the Loan Administrator that processes my work. I am constantly praised at work for my efficiency and work ethic, but that would not be possible without her beside me doing her job and doing it very, very well!


#15627 Angela

October 18, 2015

Where: I received this card from Jon petz at a conference he spoke at in Wisconsin dells Wisconsin.

How: I plan to pass this card on to a good friend of mine who is having a rough time with some family matters. I hope this card will bring a smile to her face and warm her heart.

Story: I hope my card will make its way to my twin sister who will not speak to me because of past hurt and grudges. If my 7 of hearts makes it to her my simple wish is that she knows I still love her and would like to grow in friendship.

#23292 Gail

October 1, 2015

Where: Wichita,Ks on 9/22/15

How: My Senior Manager at Child Start at a Team Meeting. I will give a card to a friend of mine, Leigh.

Story: Leigh, for years now, has helped me feed my cat and dog. She has a family member who works at the Pet food distributor and they get the food at cost or when a bag is slightly torn its free. My cat came down with diabetes and I could not afford the special diet food for diabetic cats. Leigh has gotten it for me and she has done it at not cost to me. I appreciate this gesture so very much so I award Leigh with a 7 of Hearts card and hope she can pass it on to someone who has made a difference in her life. Kudos to Leigh! Thanks is not enough for such a wonderful helpful friend.

#23291 Gail

September 30, 2015

Where: Wichita,KS on 9/22/15.

How: Received the card at my job at Child Start by my Senior Manager.

Story: I work at Child Start as a Health Clerk. At our Health Team Meeting we watched the video and then received the cards to pass out to whom ever we wanted. After thinking on who to give out my card to, I thought of my neighbor who has helped me in many ways. Like cutting down an old Cedar tree in my front yard that was long gone dead! The last time I needed help was when I locked my keys in my car accidentally and therefore was locked out of my house and car. My phone along with my purse were in my car! I was on my way to work when this happened and I panicked and tried effortlessly to get in my house but to no avail. So I went and knocked on my neighbors door at 7:30 in the morning and got them out of bed and asked to use their phone after telling them my situation. I don't have phone #'s memorized so I had to ask for their phone book to look up my daughters phone# at her house, cell phones not being listed! Luckily their home phone was listed and I got ahold of her. She has a spare key to my house which got me in to get my spare car keys! Kudos to my neighbor, Jim and his wife, Mary to come to my rescue! For this I will give them this card. Pass it on!

#10721 Doug

September 23, 2015

Where: Muhlenberg South Middle School Greenville, Ky. (United States) September 22, 2015

How: Marnie Broady- Teacher

Story: Mrs. Broady gave me my card for making a "Significant" difference in our school. She made the comment that she loves how Positive that I am day in and day out. Also, she thanked me for the Awessome job that I am doing. Those were her exact comments!

#10721 Marnie

September 22, 2015

Where: Greenville, KY September 2015

How: Brian Lile, Principal, MSMS

Story: Mr. Lile gave me my card for greeting all of my students as they come in the door. I try to greet each one of them personally, so they feel a little more loved and appreciated.

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