Identify, Appreciate and Deliver the Simple moments . . .
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#12029 Gloria

November 12, 2014

Where: Orlando, Florida HR Conference

How: Jon Petz, Author f SIGNIFICANCE in Simple Moments My dear Friend Maria who is supportive and reliable and always available to help!


#12018 Gloria

Where: Orlando, Florida HR Convention

How: Jon Petz, Author of SIGNIFICANCE in SImple Moments I award this to my prayer partner and Friend Narcy. You are a loving, compassionate, Friend who makes a difference in the lives of others!


#12028 Gloria

Where: Orlando, Florida, the ordered a pack of cards to continue the mission!

How: Jon Petz gave me a complimentary copy of "SIGNIFICANCE". I award this card to my dear Friend Sandra who is a true friend; thoughtful, heartfelt, modest, and wise.


#12021 Gloria

November 5, 2014

Where: I ordered a pack of cards to continue the mission ;)

How: I award this card to my Professor Jalane Meloune whose devotion to teaching and caring heart propelled me to the next level...PHR :)


#12020 Gloria

October 30, 2014

Where: Orlando, Florida

How: I bought a deck to carry on the mission and let others know how they make a difference!

Story: I am giving this card to my cousin Barbara Nagy who has a loving heart and cares for others...she makes a difference in the lives of others.

#12023 Gloria

October 29, 2014

Where: I purchased a deck to participate in this mission!

How: I will give this card to my Friend Mamatha Eswarappa, who, by her very gentle and caring nature taught me how to be a better friend.

Story: HR Florida, Jon Petz

#12022 Gloria

Where: I purchased a deck to participate in this mission!

How: I will mail this card to my Nephew Christian who inspires patients with hope and healing making a huge difference in their lives every day through physical therapy...I am so proud of you and I love you.

Story: Jon Petz is an inspirational award winning speaker I had the pleasure of hearing and meeting at HR Florida, October 2014.

#12296 Kevin

October 28, 2014

Where: Powell, Ohio

How: My Daughter

Story: My daughter still finds a way for me to "Brag" about her, even when things don’t go her way. One quick example, recently she tried out for a volleyball club she played for last season and due to her birthday she qualifies for 2 age groups. The first tryout did NOT go the way she anticipated, she was cut mid-way through the tryout. The upper age group tryout was later that afternoon but at this stage seemed pointless,what makes us think she can make the upper level after being cut for the lower age team? To my surprise & delight she decided to go back and face those same coaches for another tryout. This time she fared much better and finished the entire tryout (which ironically had 80 kids this time instead of 40 for the earlier tryout). Still she did not make the team. Very rough night but then God blessed us with another day and another tryout for a different club. She got up early and was determined to give it one more go and fortunately for her she was offered a spot on the team. I was happy for her to make a club team but even more proud of her decision to go back and try out for the upper level team after she had just been rejected hours earlier. She commented how kids were pointing to her saying things like “how can she think she'll make this team when she got cut earlier?” Even some of the coaches had looks of dismay on their faces like what are you doing back here? She told me that “she showed them” which I responded “what did you show them, you still didn't make the team?” And that’s when she replied "I showed them they cannot hold me back!" She has helped me to realize that kids are one of the greatest blessing we can receive from our Father and we need to stop to allow them to show us how great they really are! To often I think we look to others to determine our fate when we should be looking inside ourselves for God to take control. This is what my daughter did and I want to do the same!

#19791 Rishi

October 16, 2014

Where: Plano, Texas 10-15-14

How: I will give it to Coach Green, my football coach.

Story: My coach is always kind, and always include everyone in conversations. He makes each practice feel special and makes me enjoy it.

#18755 Gloria

October 14, 2014

Where: Orlando, Florida HR Florida Conference

How: Jon Peta- Orlando, Florida HR Florida Conference

Story: I'm giving this 7OFHEARTS to John Michael (JML). He captured my heart and I hope our relationship will grow in love...Gloria

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