Identify, Appreciate and Deliver the Simple moments . . .
YOU will never be JUST anything . . . ever again!

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#16345 Shannon

January 29, 2015

Where: Montreal Quebec, on January 29, 2015

How: My leadership teacher


#10936 Marissa

January 15, 2015

Where: Orchard Park, NY. I bought my own deck.

How: This one of many cards I have goes to one of my closest and best friend, Deyanira.

Story: My best friend told me about this and honestly I didn't really think this would be a big thing, but I was wrong. I looked at this website and listened to Jon tell his story and I was really moved. I always felt like "just a" student and "just a" kid, and now I don't really think of myself as that anymore. That I actually matter in peoples lives and I don't that special someone i my life to feel needed. Thank you for telling me to look at this website.

#12778 Jackson

January 13, 2015

Where: 12/25/14 Orchard Park, NY

How: Hi. My name is Jackson and I’m 14 years old. This card took a while to get, and I don’t mean to brag, but the story up to it is pretty great. My mom works for Fisher Price, and a couple months ago she hired Jon to come in and talk about his book, Boring Meetings Suck. She said her experience was awesome and she said I’d like him a lot. She told me he was an author, motivational speaker, and a magician. I was interested to hear that Jon had so many skills, and I asked her about his books. She told me about BMS and then Significance. She covered it briefly, and didn’t tell me the ending. The next day, she bought the book, and Jon signed it to her. She came home that night and told me to read it. I was moved. If measured in distance, probably 2 or 3 football fields. I loved the book and I loved the message. Towards the end of my mom’s project at work, she invited Jon to my brother’s birthday dinner. It was great. Jon did some magic, and amazed us all, even the waitresses! I retaliated my making his dessert disappear. At the end of the evening when we were getting ready to leave, Jon told me to make a difference. To change the world. To make my life, Significant.

Story: After that night I didn’t really hear from him. My mom finished her project and that was it. I kind of shrugged it off up until recently. But on Christmas morning, when I opened up a shining new copy of significance, I smiled. When I opened the cover, my card sat there. Next to my personal Jon Petz autograph. It said, “Jackson, never forget the importance of simple moments in life. Don’t watch it happen – Go make it happen! It’s Showtime! – Jon Petz” I grinned ear to ear. By far one of my favorite gifts ever, and it’s right up there with my laptop and Disney World trip! I looked at the card and studied it. It brought me to this website, and I spent lots of time figuring out what to write and when. I decided to tell a couple of my close friends, and bring the book to my English teacher. They all loved it. One of my friends bought a deck of cards. I’m pending on my card choice, but in the meantime I’m spreading the word. My point is this story changed my life. And so did Jon. My message is if you haven’t already, buy this book. Buy the cards. Or just tell people about the story. I’m going to carry out my quest of significance, and continue to change people’s lives, and you should to.

#16345 Rob Myerson

December 29, 2014

Where: I received this card in Montreal, Canada on December 29th, 2014

How: The card was given to me by the parent of a student of mine.


#17812 Chrissy

Where: I received my card in Orange County, CA 12/2/2014

How: My amazing friend Jon Petz-author

Story: I am "just a" volunteer for the Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types. I was "just a" raffle prize coordinator for their Family Conference. I received a beautiful sterling silver key lock necklace as an in kind raffle donation from a jewelry store. The winner was a young 13 year old girl (living with ichthyosis). Seeing the huge smile on her face as she walked up to receive her prize warmed my heart. She immediately put that necklace around her neck and she felt so beautiful. Because of her I decided to host a fundraising gala for Ichthyosis in 2015. Starting to plan for next year I began feeling that I am "just a" volunteer again and now from the Significance in Simple Moments book my outlook on my contributions has shifted. I am a volunteer and advocate for the Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types. I matter in other's lives.

#16345 Kathy

December 28, 2014

Where: I received the card in Montreal, Quebec Canada with the purchase of the book Significance.

How: I will give it to Rob Myerson, my 14 year old son's high school teacher

Story: Mr. Myerson has made a significant impact on my life by caring so much about my son. He has gone over and above the call of duty as a teacher to reach out and try to help my son get through a rough time in his life, and for that I thank him. If more teachers were like Mr. Myerson, I truly believe that more kids would feel like they are worthy. He is a special person.

#16545 Gayle

December 18, 2014

Where: St. Cloud MN 12/18/14

How: Val

Story: I am a child of God, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a caretaker, a survivor, a massage therapist and so much more!! A wonderful client of mine, gave me the book " simple moments", which I needed to read and found this card on the inside of the back cover. I plan on carrying it with me as a daily "positive" reminder of "I am" and not I'm just... which seems to have been my own identity for so many years. Mr. Petz thank you for sharing Nathan's story, you truly are a gift from God for so many people, myself included.

#16346 Janet

December 14, 2014

Where: Received the book in the mail after Mark Henson of Sparkspace recommended it.

How: I will pass it on to a friend who made a difference in my life.

Story: So, here is my significant moment. I was working at a dead end job in the mall my senior year in college having just ended a relationship (not my choice). I was feeling pretty down and a stranger walked up to me at my kiosk and pulled out some paper and some kid scissors from his pocket. His teenage children were saying, "Dad, no, not again". I watched as he turned the paper into a long string of people holding hands and he handed it to me. I can't even remember the words he said to me but my whole attitude changed that night in that one moment. I felt I had purpose and meaning and I left work happy instead of deeply sad. That one moment changed my life. I quit the dead end job the next day and have had lots of moments in between that have led me to my dream job.

#12778 Jon

December 11, 2014

Where: East Aurora NY.

How: I'm giving this card to Jackson, because he's an exceptional young man and making a wonderful difference in this world.

Story: I hope he finds someone to pass it along to who also makes a difference.

#14555 Amy

December 3, 2014

Where: received card and book in the mail, in Springboro OH

How: My dad Richard, in Nashville TN, sent to me. A great book, with an exceptional message, and endless possibilities. Kind of like a Chicken Soup for the 7 of Hearts Soul :)

Story: I will be giving the signed book with card to my 6th grade daughter Abby's art teacher, "Ms. D." in Springboro. She leads an after-school group called STAND, which promotes self-esteem, anti-bullying, and kindness to others. She has made a tremendous impact on the students, and I want her to know that it does not go un-noticed. Makes a great teacher gift, wish I could be there to see her open it. As my daughter put it, "she might happy-cry!"

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