Identify, Appreciate and Deliver the Simple moments . . .
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#62461 marwo

June 17, 2018

Where: I received from Maine Youth leadership. In Gorham Maine

How: the responsible who gave to me


#56032 Cindy

June 13, 2018


How: Mary Minnich

Story: I am a 60 year old grandma of four grandchildren. 3 boys and 1girl. I have a son and daughter. And a dog named Reagan. I am a Supports Coordinator who supports individuals with intellectual disabilities. I live in Red Lion, PA.

#58556 Weston

June 12, 2018

Where: My FFA chapter went to FFA national convention and my adviser got a pack to use at our school.

How: I got it from my FFA adviser.


#22004 Josina

June 9, 2018

Where: Boca Raton Florida United States of America

How: My great friend Mary Beth gave me the book “Significance in simple moments” by Jon Petz after hearing Jon speak at a convention. The story and message touch all out hearts.

Story: I feel that serving and encouraging one another is a part of my DNA. It is in the small moments that life happens.

#38185 Michael

June 8, 2018

Where: Minneapolis, MN, USA

How: Close business friend

Story: I started working at a company and became a go to person for one of our outside rep firms. This particular rep firm was family owned by a father and his two children Steve and Sarah. Became really close to this family/business when I would begin to travel to see them as their field engineer. Later Sarah had sent a care package for my youngest soon who had been struggling with life in the hospital. We became close to the point of playing golf together in China and even attending a church together in China during company meetings. Years down the road Sarah had developed a cancerous tumor in the brain. She fought so hard and always remained super positive and took the battle in a new direction. We all wore her 'be a warrior' wrist bands. I had seen her several times after, sometimes by surprise. She passed away and left us in late 2015. It took a lot from us. I continued to visit the area and her family business. Always remaining positive. This last visit, her brother Steve suggested we go visit her at her burial site. We visited her for a while, he and I in complete reverence. Then for a while we went and visited the adoration chapel. It was such a touching experience. Steve and his Dad took me the last day to the airport for my flight home. We talked about general business on the way. As I shook their hands and said goodbye, Steve handed me the 'Significance' book and said it was for me. Later in the airport and on the plane I finished the book. It touched me by the story but also by the way this family thinks of me and my actions when we are together. I wish for this card to make its way to every one that touches my life as I make my way through this world. -Michael

#57134 Isabella

Where: Limerick/Maine/United States of America

How: At MLY we got told the story and we were given the cards to represent all the hard work we did when we went volunteering and all the hard work we will do after the event I will give my card to whoever I think makes many other people happy and respected at the expense of their own (time, money, gas, etc) to help others

Story: As of 2018, I am Administration Officer in the only NJROTC unit in Maine, and I am a Lieutenant Junior Grade. In the unit, we volunteer, supply color guards, we go to fun trips, and we participate in drill meets. I really like the program because of the drill and it is not only fun but shows how good leaders have to start out somewhere and that everyone is the same deep down underneath it all. When I first started I wanted to be apart of the drill team really badly, but since I do competition swim and it was right after and my parents worked I couldn't do it. Until I was informed I could be on the PT(physical training) team. I was very excited and was all set to go for the first meet ( well all except my sneakers which I was so excited I forgot to pack but thankfully my mom had a pair in the car) but on the bus and when I got there I wasn't very thought of as part of the team. Since I was only apart of one of the side teams it was only until the last meet when out of 9 units in the northern area 4 area our unit got 3rd place was I considered to be apart of the team. After that, I was more welcomed then before. Then I became Training Officer(which is really a yeoman). This meant I helped the other cadets rank up and when doing so I got to see some of their sides to things in the unit and also part of the officer side to things( and subordinates). Now that I am Admin. Officer, I want to make the cadets voices and thoughts that might not be looked at heard and something is done about it. I want to close the gap between the officers and ns1s so that the issues can be solved instead of looked over. I hope that i will be able to do that this year.

#62497 Jesse

Where: Falmouth, ME

How: Kaye MacGowen

Story: This card was started by a student of mine with an incredible heart, looking forward to seeing where it goes!

#57125 Tim

June 5, 2018

Where: Gorham, Maine, United States

How: I received this card from Maine Youth Leadership in 2018.

Story: After having a great weekend at MYL I heard the story of how this was started and I wanted to be apart of it. MYL changed my life by teaching me how to be a good leader and I met many friends there. I am sad that it is over, but I will try and go back next year!

#57170 Jolie

Where: Maine, United States

How: Public Speaker


#000 Susan

Where: Spring, Tx

How: My Best Friend

Story: My best friend Chris was in the hospital, he asked me to to his house & get his bible. I brought it back for him & later that night he passed away. The next day My daughter got into our truck & asked why is this card on the floorboard? I said what card? What are you talking about? She gave me the card. I said that must have fallen out of Chris's bible. I googled the meaning of the 7of hearts card & found this sight. I believe Chris wanted me to have this & know what it stands for. What This card represents helps me daily. I miss my friend so much, my heart will forever be broken. When I see this card my soul smiles & i think of the good times with him. It also reminds me of what a wonderful giving person he was.

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