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#16758 dustin

March 20, 2018

Where: orange county



#65821 Dawn

March 17, 2018

Where: Chatanooga, Tn

How: I received this card at a business retreat where Jon spoke. The story behind this card still makes me cry. I look in at the hospital room and can see Nathan enthralled and his family's joy at his happiness. For that one small period of time, pain and sorrow don't exist. I will look to give my card to someone who steps out of themselves to try to bring that to someone else.

Story: I don't have a story yet....or rather I don't have an ending. My mom is in a memory care unit. Her journey is nearing an end. My guess is that I may set my card on its journey here. However, I don't know yet. Whoever gets this card next will be a wonderful person worthy of the honor of intersecting the road Nathan travelled.

#57543 Suzanne

March 14, 2018

Where: Brampton, Ontario Canada

How: Daniella

Story: I was given this card by Daniella as she commends me for being there for her and being very supportive in my role as an Administrative Assistant. It is greatly appreciated when someone recognizes that you work with them through thick and thin especially now that her hands are full taking on the roles as Manager and Supervisors for her team. Recently one of her staff member's spouse was diagnose with terminal cancer and for some reason I wished I could go by and feed the individual and help strengthen them to fight this horrible disease. However I reached out by email on supportive care from various agencies and offered to assist in getting a private home care giver. Meanwhile I will wait for the individual to get back on how I can be of support and will be most willing to cook/bake some goodies for them.

#18254 Melanie

March 10, 2018

Where: Charleston,SC USA

How: Amanda Webb gave me the book Caitlin Jarvis will be who I’m giving my card too

Story: My friend Amanda Webb gave me the book Significance with the card in back when I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. The book meant so much to me because through this journey I get to experience so many amazing moments and meet some pretty fantastic people who may not know how they positively affected my life when I needed it the most!! I am sharing the card with my best friend Caitlin who came to help me for the weekend after one of my chemotherapy treatments. There are so many people who have offered me so much support through this journey that i honestly do not think I could make it through without. Caitlin does not judge me and is open to everything I say to her, although she has currently so much going on in her own life(new job, moving, buying a new home, selling an old home) she always has time to listen to me complain, cry and laugh and always offers some really good advice. I love you and thank you!

#65453 Susan

March 1, 2018

Where: Century City, Ca.

How: Jon Petz, when he spoke to our company at a meeting! A terrific person!


#48851 Stacy

February 28, 2018

Where: Kansas

How: Shylie

Story: Wonderful girl who told me I made a difference

#14249 Julie

February 18, 2018

Where: Rochester, NY USA

How: A friend


#18315 Sherry

February 10, 2018

Where: Columbus, Ohio

How: I will give this to Hank.

Story: At a national round table, Hank had put his stuff down at a seat prior to my arriving to the room and stepped away to get breakfast. It was open seating and I just happened to choose the seat next to his. I met Hank for the first time when he returned to his seat. After introductions of name, company, and title, he told me about a big career opportunity in the industry. I am now in a new city in this new position that has propelled my entire career and has opened countless and significant doors for me.

#48122 Klarissa

January 30, 2018

Where: NATIONAL FFA !! Indianapolis, IN

How: A guard at the doors of the convention center!

Story: I am an FFA vice president!

#67779 Andrew

January 29, 2018

Where: Somerset high school Somerset, ky

How: Don’t know his name

Story: I’m just here to register

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