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“The Journey of Cards Traveling in The World”

12 Jul
  • locationJaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • How?The colleague

#261 Zappster

I am genrating my own card

10 Jul
  • locationIndianapolis/Indiana/United States of America
  • How?I received it from the guest speaker at the 2018...

#48861 ESTHER

I was representing the Grantsville, Utah FFA in the National FFA Poultry Evaluation competition.

09 Jul
  • locationGorham, Maine
  • How?It was given to me by a speaker at a...

#57160 Abbie

My story isn’t great or significant I’m a 16 year old girl who lives in a small town. I work at a fast food place and I spend my days like any other teenager hanging out with friends. What may set me apart from other people is I struggle with an anxiety disorder, moderat depression, and a few other problems that not many people face. This may not seem special but to me it has changed my outlook on everything. I’ve suffered a lot of loss since a young age and it’s taught me so much about compassion and what a simple smile can do for someone. I don’t let anything hold me back, I fight through everything hat give me anxiety and I’ve always made it out of depressive spells. Receiving and passing on this card means so much to me I hope anyone who receives one recognizes the honor it is and passes it along to maybe brighten sosmiens day.

07 Jul
  • locationSan Diego CA
  • How?John Petz at the Chem Dry Convention.

#69220 peter

05 Jul
  • locationIndianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • How?Jon Petz

#47976 Mackenzie

I attended the 2017 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis where speaker Jon Petz spoke about the story behind the 7 of hearts. Everyone who attended the session was given a card afterwards.

04 Jul
  • locationLa Crosse ,WI , USA
  • How?My mom gave me this card and I'm not sure...

#66967 Alex

I have a beautiful baby girl who is just about 6 weeks old, she makes me believe that anything is possible and there's definitely a reason I'm here. I hope you have something that makes you feel that way.

04 Jul
  • locationHolmen, WI, USA
  • How?My job gave it to me at orientation. I will...

#66967 Pamela

I got this at work and hope it reaches far.

02 Jul
  • locationPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • How?Found cleaning a room

#59837 Beverly

Found this card while cleaning a hotel room. I am an avid painter for the #KindnessRocksProject and thought this was a neat idea, almost along the lines of us rock painter/hiders :) We paint rocks and hid them anywhere and everywhere for an unexpecting person to find in hopes to brighten their day and make them smile with a positive picture or positive saying/quote. You can find my rock group on Facebook by searching "Chartiers Valley Rocks" No idea where I will place this card, but plan to leave it for another person to find and hopefully keep it going :) thanks for the smile today!

02 Jul
  • locationPortland, ME, USA
  • How?Maine Youth Leadership

#62477 Elizabeth

Volunteerism has always been apart of my life, but Maine Youth Leadership (MYL) and Key Club put me in groups with likeminded people that allowed this activity become a bigger party of my identity.

26 Jun
  • locationI received this card in Indianapolis, Indiana at the National FFA Convention.
  • How?This card will be given to someone who does something...

#50292 Riley

This card was given to me after a presentation that was very moving.