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“The Journey of Cards Traveling in The World”

03 Sep
  • locationCancun Mexico
  • How?Jon Petz....searching for the next recipient.

#61658 Michael

I was moved by Jon's story and not wanting to be "just a" convention attendee, I am looking to make a difference in others lives and make simple moments significant and then pass it on. Hopefully soon I will write what I do with this card.

22 Aug
  • locationAtlanta, GA
  • How?Lauren

#58688 Todd

I've been getting physical therapy the last few months from OSR in Eden Prairie, MN. Lauren is always there to greet me with great enthusiasm. I appreciate that she takes the 'simple moments' to make an impact. She'll ask how my race preparation is going (or race results went). She'll run down to the bank if they don't have exact change. She promptly has my insurance coverage details when needed and the list just continues! All in all, she makes it an easy and fun part of my day!

21 Aug
  • locationLake Ozark, MO
  • How?I got this at the 2018 MOSHRM HR Conference

#60239 Jenny

15 Aug
  • locationLake of the Ozarks, Missouri
  • How?I'm mailing this card to Janie in Missouri. I can...

#51110 Jon

14 Aug
  • locationIndianapolis, Indiana, United State of America
  • How?It was given out at the 90th National FFA Convention...

#48570 Mariah

I'm a simple ag teacher just trying to make a difference in the lives of the students that come into my classroom

14 Aug
  • locationOsage Beach MO
  • How?Jon Petz

#56355 Janie

Received this card at a Human Resources conference along with the book Significance, while hearing the story of Nathan in the conference I cried. then went to room that evening and read the book, I have always tried to teach my daughters to look around and to know their worth as a child of mine but more importantly as a child of God. And that they have a purpose on this earth but never thought of telling them about the small purposes. Until now I have passed this book on to them and the look on my 17 year old daughters face was amazing. She is going through so many emotions right now going into her senior year of high school and she actually said to me "I'm going to slow down a little not feel so rushed and just enjoy the days with my classmates, eyes wide open and a smile on my face and not worry so much about the rush to find my place as an adult". Even if we worry about tomorrow so much is happening today to enjoy so thank you and my daughter for a lesson I will not forget.

12 Aug
  • locationNew York
  • How?my coach

#37401 Essie

07 Aug
  • locationDublin, Ohio, USA
  • How?I attended “It’s SHOWTIME!” where Jon Petz gave all of...

#28681 Stephanie

02 Aug
  • locationTulsa, OK at an HR conference. I listened to the story of the little boy who lost his battle with cancer but just before he passed was inspired by “just a guy who performs magic tricks”. I purchased the deck to pass on positivity for those who make a difference.
  • How?

#52135 Dana

Patrick waited in myself and my son today at a local restaraunt. What Patrick didn’t know was how much my boy needed today to be special. He has worked the entire summer and not had a chance to do anything FUN! I took off to make a day of Top Golf and lunch of his choice. Patrick’s fun attitude about work and excellent customer service made an ordinary visit extraordinary! Thank You for that! Please pass this on to someone who makes a difference for you!! Keep smiling!

02 Aug
  • locationDelano/MN/USA
  • How?I received from a co-worker and will pass it to...

#55654 Lori

I loved the book. I will be passing it on to my daughter who is a very Courageous, Giving, Adventurous woman. She has spent the last five years living in Nicaragua working with the children and teachers there. Living in one of the poorest countries in the world, learning their language and adapting to their ways. She has told me many stories from riding the chicken bus to the sadness of the kids not having toys. She and her friend ventured out on their own to do this amazing work and have now formed their own Non-Profit organization, Please check out their website and see what this amazing woman is doing!