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“The Journey of Cards Traveling in The World”

04 Jul
  • locationLa Crosse ,WI , USA
  • How?My mom gave me this card and I'm not sure...

#66967 Alex

I have a beautiful baby girl who is just about 6 weeks old, she makes me believe that anything is possible and there's definitely a reason I'm here. I hope you have something that makes you feel that way.

04 Jul
  • locationHolmen, WI, USA
  • How?My job gave it to me at orientation. I will...

#66967 Pamela

I got this at work and hope it reaches far.

02 Jul
  • locationPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • How?Found cleaning a room

#59837 Beverly

Found this card while cleaning a hotel room. I am an avid painter for the #KindnessRocksProject and thought this was a neat idea, almost along the lines of us rock painter/hiders :) We paint rocks and hid them anywhere and everywhere for an unexpecting person to find in hopes to brighten their day and make them smile with a positive picture or positive saying/quote. You can find my rock group on Facebook by searching "Chartiers Valley Rocks" No idea where I will place this card, but plan to leave it for another person to find and hopefully keep it going :) thanks for the smile today!

02 Jul
  • locationPortland, ME, USA
  • How?Maine Youth Leadership

#62477 Elizabeth

Volunteerism has always been apart of my life, but Maine Youth Leadership (MYL) and Key Club put me in groups with likeminded people that allowed this activity become a bigger party of my identity.

26 Jun
  • locationI received this card in Indianapolis, Indiana at the National FFA Convention.
  • How?This card will be given to someone who does something...

#50292 Riley

This card was given to me after a presentation that was very moving.

24 Jun
  • locationDanville VA USA
  • How?Linda

#30194 Michael

20 Jun
  • locationCancun, Mexico, Mexico
  • How?Jon Petz

#55707 Carlos

Amazing motivational speaker. Here on vacation and leaving with so much more after listening to him. No such thing as “I’m just” Everyone is unique and can make a difference. Everyone has a purpose.

17 Jun
  • locationI received this card from Maine Youth Leadership that I went from May 31 until June 3 that I spend 3 and half days there
  • How?Maine youth leadership give to me

#62461 Marwo qali sougue

Hi everyone my name is marwo sougue. I want to share my story and how it was really hard adjusting to a new country. I am 17 years old who grew up in Djibouti. But know I live in Portland Maine. I first came to the United State on 28 April 2017. washington D.C my first place and then I took Another airplane to Chicago. I spend 3 weeks there and directly come to Maine. june 2017 I start school on may 31 I went to the Maine Youth leadership that is when Make I new change In my Life. I learned a lot of things there. first, when I went I was extremely shy about speaking English. Cause when I went there I was only 1 years so imagine guys learning only years English and then went to spot where everyone is speaking English Perfectly. I wasn't talking with someone the first day but little by little I was trying and the whole days we spend there we had some people who were giving us speech and who lives works. a lot of people asked me how come you went to MYL while you only spend one year and you don" even understand that much English. I really appreciate learning English. I was spending my whole time my watching youtube English beginners and that is my who is writing my own story On June 17, 2018. I am really proud of my self Being here and now 4 different languages fluently . and I want more. I can't forget Maine Youth Leadership and what It taught me. Love you guys. If you guys me to contact more about my life call 207 632 6736 or follow me on instagram or Messenger. Marwo Qali Abdoul gabr sougue.

17 Jun
  • locationI received from Maine Youth leadership. In Gorham Maine
  • How?the responsible who gave to me

#62461 marwo

13 Jun
  • locationYork, PENNSYLVANIA
  • How?Mary Minnich

#56032 Cindy

I am a 60 year old grandma of four grandchildren. 3 boys and 1girl. I have a son and daughter. And a dog named Reagan. I am a Supports Coordinator who supports individuals with intellectual disabilities. I live in Red Lion, PA.