Identify, Appreciate and Deliver the Simple moments . . .
YOU will never be JUST anything . . . ever again!

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#48851 Stacy

February 28, 2018

Where: Kansas

How: Shylie

Story: Wonderful girl who told me I made a difference

#14249 Julie

February 18, 2018

Where: Rochester, NY USA

How: A friend


#18315 Sherry

February 10, 2018

Where: Columbus, Ohio

How: I will give this to Hank.

Story: At a national round table, Hank had put his stuff down at a seat prior to my arriving to the room and stepped away to get breakfast. It was open seating and I just happened to choose the seat next to his. I met Hank for the first time when he returned to his seat. After introductions of name, company, and title, he told me about a big career opportunity in the industry. I am now in a new city in this new position that has propelled my entire career and has opened countless and significant doors for me.

#48122 Klarissa

January 30, 2018

Where: NATIONAL FFA !! Indianapolis, IN

How: A guard at the doors of the convention center!

Story: I am an FFA vice president!

#67779 Andrew

January 29, 2018

Where: Somerset high school Somerset, ky

How: Don’t know his name

Story: I’m just here to register

#69214 Steve

January 25, 2018

Where: San Diego, CA, USA

How: A passenger.

Story: I’m a flight attendant at an “ultra low cost” carrier and like to enjoy my time at work by having fun during required announcements, such as the safety demo. Humor makes the stress of air travel fade away.

#48418 Geoffrey

January 22, 2018

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana , United States 2017 National FFA Convention

How: Giving it to someone who has made a difference in my life.


#18042 Anita

January 8, 2018

Where: Orlando, Florida, US

How: I received the book in a swag bag at a professional leadership conference.

Story: The day before the leadership conference, I attended a vision board workshop. I have never made one before, nor have I ever considered making one. When I saw the announcement for the workshop, I immediately signed up based on the person leading it. Beverly Lewis, the author of Win from Within, is such an uplifting and inspirational person. I did not want to miss the opportunity to attend a workshop she was hosting. While looking through magazines for vision board pictures, I noticed an advertisement including the words "Get Inspired." Unsure of the reason and unable to connect these words to anything significant in my life, I went ahead and cut them out. They were rather large, so I put them front and center of my board. I felt that the meaning would come to me in the coming weeks. I have recently been feeling the need to do more, volunteer more, make a difference! Several months last year, I found myself saying, "Everyone can do ONE THING to help others." After reading this book, "Significance," I have found inspiration and confidence. No matter how big or small, everything I do makes a difference. I just need to be more mindful and ensure that "I AM" making a positive difference.

#28724 Maria

December 26, 2017

Where: Dayton, OH (USA)

How: Gifting it to Karen

Story: You told this story at Delta Vacations U 2017, and I decided to purchase the books for my team. Here's to hoping they each find "Significance in Simple Moments" in 2018!

#28723 Maria

Where: Dayton, OH (USA)

How: gifting it to Steve

Story: You told this story at Delta Vacations U 2017, and I decided to purchase the books for my team. Here's to hoping they each find "Significance in Simple Moments" in 2018!

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