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#10452 Jon

October 21, 2016

Where: Hawaii

How: Test

Story: Test

#26146 jon

October 19, 2016

Where: Orlando FL

How: I'm giving to Louree Jefferson

Story: Louree works at the hilton at Disney Springs in Orlando FL and was our event manager and serviced our ballroom. When I first met her, I went to share her hand . . . she said "Oh honey, I hug". After a wonderful hug we talked for a few minutes and I so enjoyed her energy, smile and passion for service. Shortly later, most of the meeting attendees began to show up. Within ten minutes, she had at least half of the people talking about her. Not in an egotistical way, but in a way like "WOW - she's amazing". Louree is such an amazing example of bringing purpose and passion to what you do and doing so in a way that creates an amazing experience for your customer. Hope she passes it along to something special that makes a difference in her day!

#29852 Cathy Sue

October 17, 2016

Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

How: Jon Petz

Story: I don't have a story, but I do plan on paying it forward and let someone know that they made a difference in my life. "Its' Showtime"

#29853 Cathy

Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

How: Jon Petz gave it to me.

Story: Jon gave it to me after telling his story of Nathan. I plan on passing it on to someone who makes a difference in my life. Time to pay it forward..... "It's Showtime"

#29845 Courtney

October 14, 2016

Where: Honolulu, HI

How: Jon Petz

Story: I received my card from Jon Petz after he spoke at a conference I was attending. Enjoyed his presentation and was touched by his story of the 7 of Hearts. Looking forward to passing it on.

#29844 Courtney

Where: Honolulu, HI

How: Jon Petz


#32008 Analy

Where: Omaha, NE USA

How: Madeline Moyer

Story: I was given my card in a 'Thank you' card by a former co-worker, Madeline Moyer. Madeline was our Employee and Community Assets Director at our workplace but also at one time managed my department and was our go-to for HR. It was amazing to have her give me this card and recognize the hard work I do for my team and non-profit organization.

#28083 Cori

October 11, 2016

Where: Portland, Maine, USA

How: Received the card after attending one of John's sessions. Looking forward to passing it along and cannot wait to see where it ends up!


#21581 Jon

October 10, 2016

Where: Las Vegas, NV

How: Soren

Story: As a marketing pro, Soren makes a difference in the business units he supports. His logistics, details and through process help make sure everyone else has the tools and resources they need to sell and make things happen. Hoping he passes this on to some that makes a difference in his day

#29663 Stacy

October 5, 2016

Where: Portland, ME, USA

How: Jon Petz gave me the Significance book after speaking at the MBS conference in Portland, ME. After hearing his story, I was so inspired and wanted to be a part of helping children and inspiring others to explore life outside of their comfort never know when your actions will make a difference!


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